I am Here Again

I have been absent for quite some time, but I am back.  So there is so much to talk about.  We have been praying weekly for the seven mountains of prayer.  Education, Families, Media and Entertainment, Art and Literature, Business, Government and the Church.  In fact, we have been doing that for a number of years.  Why? I guess the way I look at it is where would we be if there were not prayer? I know we are not the only ones praying. (Thank goodness).  Some things are becoming more apparent that prayer is needed. Yet, many never  pray.  To me, let’s look at the Bible.  Jesus prayed! So why shouldn’t we.  Those times were difficult also.  When God gave Satan the earth we became foreigners in a land.  Yet God did know what He was doing. He always does! Thank you Lord.  So I guess as I am getting back to blogging.  I think it is time to pray. How? Let’s just talk to God.  He knows all, but He did create us for fellowship so let talk to Him.  He is not a big guy with a beard looking at us with a stick to tell us we are wrong.  I find He is the lover of my soul. My soul is far from perfect yet He loves me.  I can not explain it. I have made so many mistakes in my life and yet He loves me. So thank you Heavenly Father for your love, Thank you Jesus for dying for me and taking my sins, and thank you Holy Spirit for always helping me in ways.