God is Faithful

Have you ever been in a situation where you are totally helpless? It is a time when only God can comfort you. I guess I have had many of these, but the most current was last Monday evening when I received a call from a man sitting in his truck outside  the Joyful Ministries building. He informed me that a window had been broken and he thought someone was inside. Hannah and I immediately got in the car and drove over to the building. Yes it was broken, but the person had crawled through the window into the building and took the items he wanted out the back door.   He took two TV’s, a projector, and a mixer for sound.  Every drawer was open, every cabinet door open, broken window, shade cut in two, papers all out of my desk and all over the floor.  Front door, evidence of attempted trying to pry open the door.  No electricity.  Why not electric?  He had taken off the electric meter outside and it was laying on the ground.  Police and electric company called. Then we waited with a small lantern.  PNM came 1st.  Two very nice men, they picked up the meter and put it back in place on the building and we had lights. PTL.  Then the policeman came.  He knew the man who did it, but they had never been able to catch him in the act.   A man who has a $250 daily herion  drug habit.  But God has a way in some of these things. Some blood was on the glass where he cut himself  and also I found some the next day on a paper on the floor by my desk.  I am praying for this man to be caught and helped out of this bondage he is in.  God loves this man and wants a better life for him.

Some would say where was God?  Well, I think He was right there.

As I write this we have a new window and we will have a service on Sunday. We will praise the Lord by overhead projector instead of TV and we will be thankful for the God we serve. HE CAN TURN ALL THINGS INTO GOOD.     Blessings, Judith

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