Your Power as a Minister

As we are going through this time of change, we must remember that change is always happening but we frequently do not see it happening. We are busy with life and tend to miss things!

I was looking through some old pictures and thought to myself, “wow things have changed.” Some that are good and others not so good. Although I may not be able to go back to the 70s, 80s, 90s, or even yesterday, I am thankful for a God that never changes! Thank you Father!

I believe prayer has been a crucial factor in a lot of changes  in my life. Prayer changes things!

I believe it is time for Christians to pray more. Why? I feel God wants us to come back to Him. It will not be the same as our past, but it will be better than the day of our salvation. We experience the love of Jesus when we first encounter Him, but that is only a glimpse of what is to come!

God has told us that 2018 will be the year of the door. Some doors will open and some will close. As we pray, God will show us those doors. We have the Holy Spirit in us. His desire is to lead us, reveal things to us, and help us hear from the Heavenly Father.

We as Christians will be called to stand up for God. The spirit of intimidation is coming off the church. We will see many moves of God outside the church walls. People are going to see people healed, delivered, and set free by Jesus. Yes, Jesus is in Heaven, but you are the hands and feet of Jesus.

It is the time of the saints. That is us. He will be manifested not from the pulpit, but everywhere we go!

Many people are hurting physically, spiritually, and in their souls. Some need prayer but will never go to a church and even if they go, they may not get prayer.

But we are called to step out into a mission field of people, see the hurt, and minister to those that can not or may not ask. Because we can ask a person “can I pray for you?” Then God takes over and speaks through you. We are now called to not worry about being rejected because we will never be rejected as much as our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are not ministering to someone, ask God to show you who He wants you to minister to. God is asking us to be bold. Most people have so much Bible in them, now make the Spirit and word come together! “Well done good and faithful servant” is what we want to hear when we get to Heaven.

Some of you are called to pray for your family or loved ones. That can be difficult at times, but it is time to pray for them. Even if we have been hurt by our family members, we must lift them up to God.

Others of you are called to pray for crisis times likes volcanoes, droughts, floods, or maybe even people in crisis. The Holy Spirit will lead you. Many others may be called to pray for areas of the Seven Mountains: Government, Education, Media & Entertainment, Arts & Literature, the Church, Families, or Businesses. Like I said before, the Holy Spirit will lead you on where He would like you to pray. We don’t pray against the people, but we pray in the light of Jesus!

So I am encouraging you to break in to a new prayer assignment from God. More time in prayer or just pray throughout the day. Talk to your Heavenly Father as a friend, one you love and  is your MIGHTY God.

Let’s start a prayer movement to make a change!

God loves you and will lead you. Start walking in to the new, it will not be the same as the old!

Your spirit will come alive, and we need that in the Body of Christ! If we really knew how much our Heavenly Father loved us, there would be such a change in us.  Let’s ask Him for more of His Holy Spirit.  We will never have too much!  Grow, Grow, Grow in His Spirit.

Blessings to you all,

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