Jesus is Lord!

I love that statement, mainly because it is true.  God is over every kingdom on earth. There are many kingdoms, but God reigns over each of them.  Jesus reigns also as Lord of our lives if we want Him too.  I remember years ago I was told by a lady in Dallas who I had worked with for the time I was in Nurse Practitioner School.  She told me, “You will never get too much of the Holy Spirit.”  Boy, was she right.  Last year at Joyful Ministries we studied the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and in 2016 we are doing the same in the New Testament.  We will never get too much of our Lord, Jesus or Holy Spirit.  Also we can ask and God will give us more.  So saying “Jesus is Lord” is a very true statement for everyone. I find when I say, “Jesus is the Lord of my life,”  it builds my faith. I remember what Jesus did for me on the Cross.  I realize how He suffered and set me free from my sin.  What a mighty God I serve.

Let’s live a life that pleases Him. Our Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  It may take some letting go of our will, but we will be ever closer and can say “Jesus is Lord of My Life.”