New, New, New

Hi there!  Glad you have found my blog.  I hope you enjoy being here.  Well, yesterday was our last regular Saturday Service.  It was a great time. We had our great friends from the Gathering Church in Bloomfield, NM. Worship was so good. Then the Lord moved us into a healing time, as some have been battling some illnesses, and then into prophetic words.  I love the prophetic as it is always encouragement and edification.  We always need to  be encouraged by the Lord.  This world can drain us with all of the negative.  I always love to remember, “Greater is He in me, than he that is in the world!”  Look at the capital letter on the first he.  God is in us.  We carry His Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit was sent to help us live our life in Christ.  Ask, He is always there.  Check out the new web page.  Next Sunday we start at 10:00am. Come be with us.  Until next time, may God bless you!  Judith

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