The Tide is Turning!

Yes, the tide is turning.  Two years ago we were told by the Prophetic that a new era was starting.  As we stand with our Lord we will go through Him moving us into a whole new way.  This year The Tide is Turning is an encouragement for us to know that it is Him that is moving us into the new and away from the old.

It is time not to hang on to the old. I know it is so comfortable. Got saved years ago and was told you are going to Heaven.  You have been waiting for that day. Wanting Jesus to come any day, because you were also told He is coming back soon. Soon is a big word and in God’s time it is even bigger. No one knows when Jesus is coming back. Not even Jesus.

Let’s not have a life of waiting, but a life of abundant living.  Believing and accepting Jesus as your Lord of your life puts you in the Kingdom of God.   There you have faith, love, joy, peace, wisdom, Gifts of the Spirit, and so much more.  The Bible is full of promises that are for every believer.  It is not hard, but so simple.  That is why many can not believe.  It is sooooooooooooooo Simple.  Just tell Jesus you love him and want that abundant life He spoke of in the Bible.   Then start looking for a far better life and walk in it. He will lead you and you can trust Him.

YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!!!  Blessings to you,   Judith Nowers