God is Faithful

Have you ever been in a situation where you are totally helpless? It is a time when only God can comfort you. I guess I have had many of these, but the most current was last Monday evening when I received a call from a man sitting in his truck outside  the Joyful Ministries building. He informed me that a window had been broken and he thought someone was inside. Hannah and I immediately got in the car and drove over to the building. Yes it was broken, but the person had crawled through the window into the building and took the items he wanted out the back door.   He took two TV’s, a projector, and a mixer for sound.  Every drawer was open, every cabinet door open, broken window, shade cut in two, papers all out of my desk and all over the floor.  Front door, evidence of attempted trying to pry open the door.  No electricity.  Why not electric?  He had taken off the electric meter outside and it was laying on the ground.  Police and electric company called. Then we waited with a small lantern.  PNM came 1st.  Two very nice men, they picked up the meter and put it back in place on the building and we had lights. PTL.  Then the policeman came.  He knew the man who did it, but they had never been able to catch him in the act.   A man who has a $250 daily herion  drug habit.  But God has a way in some of these things. Some blood was on the glass where he cut himself  and also I found some the next day on a paper on the floor by my desk.  I am praying for this man to be caught and helped out of this bondage he is in.  God loves this man and wants a better life for him.

Some would say where was God?  Well, I think He was right there.

As I write this we have a new window and we will have a service on Sunday. We will praise the Lord by overhead projector instead of TV and we will be thankful for the God we serve. HE CAN TURN ALL THINGS INTO GOOD.     Blessings, Judith


Your Power as a Minister

As we are going through this time of change, we must remember that change is always happening but we frequently do not see it happening. We are busy with life and tend to miss things!

I was looking through some old pictures and thought to myself, “wow things have changed.” Some that are good and others not so good. Although I may not be able to go back to the 70s, 80s, 90s, or even yesterday, I am thankful for a God that never changes! Thank you Father!

I believe prayer has been a crucial factor in a lot of changes  in my life. Prayer changes things!

I believe it is time for Christians to pray more. Why? I feel God wants us to come back to Him. It will not be the same as our past, but it will be better than the day of our salvation. We experience the love of Jesus when we first encounter Him, but that is only a glimpse of what is to come!

God has told us that 2018 will be the year of the door. Some doors will open and some will close. As we pray, God will show us those doors. We have the Holy Spirit in us. His desire is to lead us, reveal things to us, and help us hear from the Heavenly Father.

We as Christians will be called to stand up for God. The spirit of intimidation is coming off the church. We will see many moves of God outside the church walls. People are going to see people healed, delivered, and set free by Jesus. Yes, Jesus is in Heaven, but you are the hands and feet of Jesus.

It is the time of the saints. That is us. He will be manifested not from the pulpit, but everywhere we go!

Many people are hurting physically, spiritually, and in their souls. Some need prayer but will never go to a church and even if they go, they may not get prayer.

But we are called to step out into a mission field of people, see the hurt, and minister to those that can not or may not ask. Because we can ask a person “can I pray for you?” Then God takes over and speaks through you. We are now called to not worry about being rejected because we will never be rejected as much as our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are not ministering to someone, ask God to show you who He wants you to minister to. God is asking us to be bold. Most people have so much Bible in them, now make the Spirit and word come together! “Well done good and faithful servant” is what we want to hear when we get to Heaven.

Some of you are called to pray for your family or loved ones. That can be difficult at times, but it is time to pray for them. Even if we have been hurt by our family members, we must lift them up to God.

Others of you are called to pray for crisis times likes volcanoes, droughts, floods, or maybe even people in crisis. The Holy Spirit will lead you. Many others may be called to pray for areas of the Seven Mountains: Government, Education, Media & Entertainment, Arts & Literature, the Church, Families, or Businesses. Like I said before, the Holy Spirit will lead you on where He would like you to pray. We don’t pray against the people, but we pray in the light of Jesus!

So I am encouraging you to break in to a new prayer assignment from God. More time in prayer or just pray throughout the day. Talk to your Heavenly Father as a friend, one you love and  is your MIGHTY God.

Let’s start a prayer movement to make a change!

God loves you and will lead you. Start walking in to the new, it will not be the same as the old!

Your spirit will come alive, and we need that in the Body of Christ! If we really knew how much our Heavenly Father loved us, there would be such a change in us.  Let’s ask Him for more of His Holy Spirit.  We will never have too much!  Grow, Grow, Grow in His Spirit.

Blessings to you all,

Are you moving or sitting?

I just wanted to mention a few things today.  First this is Memorial Day and if I was back in Iowa(as I was last year) the cemetery would be decorated and many of the graves would have flowers on them.  I got to help my sister-in-law put those flowers on the graves of my mother,  father, my brother, nephews, grandfathers, grandmothers and other loved ones. It was a great time to remember those who have gone to heaven before us.  We will have great reunions someday.   We also want to remember who gave their life so we can have the freedom we have.  It did cost lives.  Pray for their families.  Losing a loved one in a war must be hard.  May God bless them.

I opened by daily reading today and I just must share this with you.  I sometimes wonder why God has me so interested in government. But He just has.  I take this very seriously, because I want to obey the Father in whatever He wants me to do.  Many Christians do care about government. They think it does not affect them, but it does.  If you vote a certain way or not vote you may have to pay more taxes. In Santa Fe, a couple of school bonds were voted in and it raised peoples property taxes.  This is difficult on fixed income people. Many people could not pay the addition tax without

So today I want to share what the Bible says about what we should(as Christians) do. Daniel 2:21- He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.  Romans 13:1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 1 Timothy 2:1-2 I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— for kings, and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. Vs. 3 says ” This is good, and pleases God our Savior. Vs4. who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.  Jude 8-In the very same way, these dreamers polute their own bodies, reject authority and slander celestial beings.

As I read these this morning I realize we have Christians and non Christians that do not like government, do not vote and could care less about our USA.  I guess God would call that person a dreamer. I am not calling anybody anything.  I just know it is time to as Franklin Graham spoke in 2016 1. Pray, 2. Register to vote 3. Vote 4. Get involved.  I use this from Franklin as he speaks so often about government. He did a 50 state tour and stood on the steps of each capital building of each state in 2016.

So let’s do as he suggested. 1,2, 3, 4.  I would also add know who and what your candidate stands for.  Are they pro-life or  they will vote against any abortion laws.  This could be one of the most important election for the USA and your state.  As Christians, may we stand up for righteousness and search for it in our candidates.  Don’t like politics?  Well, we live under it. Let’s support those that stand for what would be pleasing to our God. PRAYER DOES CHANGE THINGS.

Blessings, Judith



Jesus is still Lord!

There has always been a spiritual war as we read in the Bible. Jesus coming changed the world and it has never been the same since.  Yes, He will return and many people are wanting it tomorrow or today. And some even will tell you when.  I remember in 1988 J R Church wrote a book that He was coming in 1988. He did not come so He wrote another that 1989 was the year. He did not come. Then we had the 2000 time and many knew it was the time Jesus was coming because of the change to 2000. He did not come. So I do not worry about when Jesus is coming back. I just know He is coming for His bride.  The church is not ready to be His bride.

Let’s talk about spiritual warfare.  We have had a spirit of lawlessness over our Nation since 2008.  It was the start of doing as you want, but not what the law said. We have seen it increase and increase. The spirit seems to have full reign now.  We even have people wanting to kill the lawman and one was successful.  People are not afraid to die when they are driven by the evil spirit.  Some Moslems have been lied to that a bunch of virgins are waiting for them.  I believe it will look a lot more like hell.  So we have forgotten the first wisdom. FEAR OF THE LORD. We are afraid of heights, planes, bugs, etc. What about the first wisdom?  This is a reverence fear of God.  He is worthy, holy and the one and only God.  God is also a god of law.  Ten commandments and laws that helps us have better lives. God knew we would need them.

There is an evil spirit. Satan and he has demons which he controls and they work for him. So we are not fighting again people made of flesh and blood, but against the evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against those mighty powers of darkness who rule this world, and against wicked spirits in the heavenly realms Eph. 6:12

How do we protect ourselves? Demons have to flee when you say “JESUS”, so pray in Jesus’ Name,  Speak  Jesus and demons have to flee. You have authority in prayer!!!  Use it! Blessings! Love and prayers, Judith


Jesus is Lord!

I love that statement, mainly because it is true.  God is over every kingdom on earth. There are many kingdoms, but God reigns over each of them.  Jesus reigns also as Lord of our lives if we want Him too.  I remember years ago I was told by a lady in Dallas who I had worked with for the time I was in Nurse Practitioner School.  She told me, “You will never get too much of the Holy Spirit.”  Boy, was she right.  Last year at Joyful Ministries we studied the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament and in 2016 we are doing the same in the New Testament.  We will never get too much of our Lord, Jesus or Holy Spirit.  Also we can ask and God will give us more.  So saying “Jesus is Lord” is a very true statement for everyone. I find when I say, “Jesus is the Lord of my life,”  it builds my faith. I remember what Jesus did for me on the Cross.  I realize how He suffered and set me free from my sin.  What a mighty God I serve.

Let’s live a life that pleases Him. Our Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  It may take some letting go of our will, but we will be ever closer and can say “Jesus is Lord of My Life.”



Tomorrow is Moving Day!

I woke up this morning and I had nowhere to go. Generally on Saturdays I am out of the house by 8:00am and getting ready for a Holy Spirit led Service.  That will happen tomorrow.  We(Leslie and I) got the place cleaned and back in shape after The Gathering Church came down.  It is so fun to have them visit us.  We have great praise and Oral will have a word God has given him. It is always a prophetic word that builds you up.  They will be back in a month or so.  It is always God’s timing.

I was asked if I was going to preach or teach. I never know I just follow the Lord and He does as He pleases.  It will be the same as Saturday in many ways.  God will change it as He desires.

George Barna is a great researcher and he states you can go into any church and they will be doing 4 things generally the same order. First Praise and Worship or Hymns, Second announcements and offering, Third Preaching and final Dismissal.  Not so at Joyful Ministries an apostolic-prophetic center, we might not do Praise and Worship till the end. We do not take an offering. We have a donation basket and people can give at their will. If people want to support Joyful Ministries, may God bless them 100 fold back.  We pray for people. Whoever comes to Joyful Ministries gets pray if they desire. We all need it so why not get it when you have a group of people who want the best for you.

So tomorrow we start a new day and it is going to be great. JUST AS THE LORD WANTS, IT IS HIS PLACE.  I just get to serve there.  Blessings to you all!  Love and prayers, Judith

New, New, New

Hi there!  Glad you have found my blog.  I hope you enjoy being here.  Well, yesterday was our last regular Saturday Service.  It was a great time. We had our great friends from the Gathering Church in Bloomfield, NM. Worship was so good. Then the Lord moved us into a healing time, as some have been battling some illnesses, and then into prophetic words.  I love the prophetic as it is always encouragement and edification.  We always need to  be encouraged by the Lord.  This world can drain us with all of the negative.  I always love to remember, “Greater is He in me, than he that is in the world!”  Look at the capital letter on the first he.  God is in us.  We carry His Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit was sent to help us live our life in Christ.  Ask, He is always there.  Check out the new web page. http://www.joyfulministries.org.  Next Sunday we start at 10:00am. Come be with us.  Until next time, may God bless you!  Judith

The Tide is Turning!

Yes, the tide is turning.  Two years ago we were told by the Prophetic that a new era was starting.  As we stand with our Lord we will go through Him moving us into a whole new way.  This year The Tide is Turning is an encouragement for us to know that it is Him that is moving us into the new and away from the old.

It is time not to hang on to the old. I know it is so comfortable. Got saved years ago and was told you are going to Heaven.  You have been waiting for that day. Wanting Jesus to come any day, because you were also told He is coming back soon. Soon is a big word and in God’s time it is even bigger. No one knows when Jesus is coming back. Not even Jesus.

Let’s not have a life of waiting, but a life of abundant living.  Believing and accepting Jesus as your Lord of your life puts you in the Kingdom of God.   There you have faith, love, joy, peace, wisdom, Gifts of the Spirit, and so much more.  The Bible is full of promises that are for every believer.  It is not hard, but so simple.  That is why many can not believe.  It is sooooooooooooooo Simple.  Just tell Jesus you love him and want that abundant life He spoke of in the Bible.   Then start looking for a far better life and walk in it. He will lead you and you can trust Him.

YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!!!  Blessings to you,   Judith Nowers